How Grant Shapps lied to the electorate and bullied a constituent (VIDEO and transcript)

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Grant Shapps has been telling outright lies about his involvement in a series of cheap and nasty ‘get rich quick schemes’ for years now.. and I don’t use this word ‘lie’ lightly. Shapps did not make a mistake with dates, he did not ‘overly firmly deny’ anything… he has been engaged in a deliberate and years-long attempt to deceive the electorate with an outright lie.

And it gets worse. Questions were raised about this a few years ago, and the response was the widespread removal of both the live websites and even archived versions of these pages… all while Shapps was pretending that he had nothing to hide.

And it gets even worse. About a year after the relevant pages were removed from the public domain, Shapps began pushing a cover story that contained several falsehoods about what those pages contained.

I’m here today to demonstrate that in doing so, Grant Shapps lied deliberately and repeatedly about his conduct while acting as ‘internet marketing guru’ Michael Green.

I need be clear that Shapps lied about many things; for example, he lied about acting as Michael Green for years after he became an MP, and he also lied about promoting a fraudulent product under that same name, but for now, I am going to focus on one single, crucial lie that he told about how open he was about his dual identity…

The Lies

This is a part-transcript of an interview with Michael Crick in November 2013, in which Grant Shapps said:

“I was always completely open about the fact that I wrote using a pen name – Michael Green – which I wrote on the actual web page that it was me writing under that pen name”

No, he didn’t.

This is from a March 2015 statement issued on his behalf by the Conservative Party:

“Grant wrote with a pen name. This was completely transparent: his full name and biographical details were permanently published on the company’s main website.”

No, they weren’t.

This is from a statement that Grant Shapps bullied a constituent into publishing on their Facebook page with a threat of legal action that was based on yet more lies:

“I recently made a post suggesting that Grant Shapps MP had lied over the use of a pen name. I now accept that such an assertion was entirely false and that Mr Shapps MP has at no time misled over the use of a pen name. Indeed, I now understand that he openly published his full name alongside business publications… “

(blah blah blah)

This. Never. Happened.

Now, please note all these statements push the same clear assertion about Grant Shapps’ real name being on permanent display on a single page of his website, AND that they were issued AFTER he was confident that all copies of the relevant website had been removed from public view.

I recently played a role in discovering a previously-unknown archive of this same website.

The Evidence

The archive I found included not only 500 distinct captures of the front page of this main website, but also 50 distinct captures of the biography page for ‘Michael Green’. These captures revealed multiple changes to the main page and the bio page over the space of many years. I have analysed them in detail, and this is a summary of my findings…


The name ‘Grant Shapps’ did not appear alongside all or even many of Shapps’ so-called “business publications” (most of which had their own domain name and website). In fact, out of the hundreds of pages I have reviewed from dozens of websites, I have seen the name ‘Grant Shapps’ appear alongside a so-called “business publication” zero times.

What DOES appear on every page is a link back to, which brings us to:


Over 500 copies of the main page of were captured over the space of 5 years. The name Grant Shapps was not ‘permanently’ on display on this page. In fact, there is no sign that it ever appeared on this page.


There was at one time a link to a ‘biography’ page for ‘Michael Green’ on the bottom of the front page. I say ‘at one time’ because the link to the biography was removed from the front page of the website after Grant Shapps became an MP.

The link to the bio was removed in 2005

| The link to to the ‘Michael Green’ bio was removed from the front page after Shapps became an MP. |


The biography didn’t always carry text describing Michael Green as a ‘pen name’. At one time, there was no indication that Michael Green was anything other than a real person (and the sole founder of a corporation that may or may not have existed).

The words 'pen name' do not appear until the latter half of 2004

| For over 3 years, the website carried NO indication that ‘Michael Green’ was a ‘pen name’. |

SIDE NOTE – Copies of the biography that were featured/mirrored off-site indicate that this is the image that Grant Shapps used for ‘Michael Green’ on this page prior to 2004 (‘mgpic.jpg’). This is not a photo of Grant Shapps. It is a stock image of a male model who is younger and has more hair:

This is not Grant Shapps

And finally…


Out of more than 50 captures of the biography page covering many years, there is no indication anywhere that Grant Shapps included his real name on this page, despite his many claims that he did.


Grant Shapps is an MP. He used the Conservative party’s own lawyers to bully a constituent into publishing what he knew to be a lie. Normally, would expect to face disciplinary action, suspension or even ejection. But that’s not the way the Tories do business. Shapps is not only allowed to carry on as a member of the Conservative Party, he is permitted to continue acting as its Chairman.

Now, any legitimate organisation would have approached this matter rationally, responsibly and professionally. Instead, what we have seen is senior Conservatives lashing out like children.

The Conservatives don’t regard themselves to be answerable to any authority, or even the electorate. That’s why they plan to bluff their way past this crisis… at least until after the election is over.

(That’s something Grant should be thinking about.)

Meanwhile, Party Chairman and campaign supremo Grant Shapps will continue to play a crucial role in convincing voters that only the Tory party can be trusted to govern honestly and responsibly.

Just remember that the next time a Conservative candidate comes knocking on your door and asking for your vote.

You could be the next constituent who gets bullied into accepting a lie and publishing it on their Facebook page just because you’re not rich enough to face down a cheap two-bit conman who happens to be Chairman of the Conservative Party.

My final message is for Grant Shapps himself:

Grant, you know I’ve been an expert in the field of search engine optimisation for over a decade, and personally, I’ve got to say, I’m disappointed. You have the audacity to con people out of their money to sell a product that’s specifically designed to cheat Google and its users. The explicitly stated position of is that none of this matters if you don’t get caught. You’re a ****ing disgrace, you have no shame, and if there were any justice in the world, you’d be out of a job, and in jail. Have your lawyers chew on that. Goodbye.

Tim Ireland


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